Hail to Lauren Falchini/ A Kinder Canine,

     I adopted a rescue dog 15 months ago. Her name is Maddy and she is a great dog...however she is a rescue dog who had been abandoned and left on the streets for 9 months. She came to me a loving but extraordinarily fearful dog. After trying several trainers/doggy training centers I found Lauren. After 6 weeks, Maddy is now able to walk around the block without shivering uncontrollably, is able to feel comfortable around strangers. The change in her is amazing. We are pretty sure that during Maddy's time on the streets she was abused by young boys and men on anything that had wheels as she had severe reactions to both. She was so terrified that she would literally try to dig her way to China. Lauren is infintely patient and has made incredible strides with Maddy and each session Maddy become more and more self confident and obedient. One of the things that makes Lauren so successful is her overwhelming love for animals and her empathy with them. Maddy is so excited to see Lauren every time she comes it is like her best friend has come over to play. Lauren is young, enthusiastic and truly wants to see everyone of her dogs succeed. I have nothing but great admiration and respect for Lauren and her work with animals.


Allison L. Birnie and Maddy the Dog


"Lauren was able to expertly create a custom training program to fit the unique needs of our lovable but high energy dog. Under her instruction (and with the help of her incredible canine sidekick Jango) we learned a few simple techniques that have made spending time with our quirky pup so much more fun!"

-Ted & Kristin Garbeff

"My wife and I have a American Malamute/Wolf that we have had since it was just a couple months old.  I have had dogs growing up and know pretty well what it takes to train a dog.  Well, in most cases.  His name is Koda and since he was a pup has pretty much let us know he wasn't interested in what we had to say.  It was very frustrating for us both and didn't know what to do.  We took him to obedience school just as we did with our first dog, TWICE, but he has never gone beyond sitting for a treat.
Lauren's approach with Koda was very different than I would have expected.  She took Koda in to stay with her and her pet's for a full month.  She immersed him into daily obedience routines along with her dog.  I was skeptical that this would work and thought she was taking on more than she realized.
Wow was I wrong.  Not only did she train him to lay down on his bed in the house and stay until released, she also taught us what it would take to keep him listening to us.  We now regularly can have both our dogs in the house and lay on their beds in the family room together.
Many of the issues we had were marking in the house, running uncontrollably in the house, he would never sit and stay.  Now we can have him sit or lay down and walk away.  He won't get up without us verbally releasing him.  We can't thank Lauren enough for making Koda such a obedient dog.  He was always easy to love but too much to handle.  In some instances he obey's better than our other dog Chloe.  Chloe will just run into the house if the door is opened.  Koda now waits to be invited.  Thank you Lauren for making Koda so much apart of our family!"

-Bret Bachman

A Kinder Canine

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